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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has changed group health insurance as we know it. If your business is like most, you probably experienced a 40%-60% increase in premium cost during 2015. Due to the heightened cost and complexity, it is more important than ever to partner with experts who deeply understand the ACA and can help you smoothly manage all the change to come. MN Health Insurance Agency provides exactly the expertise you need.

We are appointed with all leading Minnesota carriers including Blue Cross, Health Partners, Preferred One, UCare and Medica. This allows us to shop the entire assortment to meet your unique needs. Just like all other agents, we can help you set up the best traditional group plan possible. But here’s how we’re truly unique:

  • Our expertise includes new self-insurance plan options offered by leading carriers.
  • With self-insurance, premiums and coverage are the same as a group plan, but you get money back by staying under your annual claims limit, which can quickly add up to thousands in savings. There’s no fee for exceeding that limit, so this is truly a no-risk opportunity for your business.
  • At no cost to you, we will set up a customized health insurance portal that greatly simplifies your employee onboarding, online benefits management, enrollment payroll and more.
  • If you choose, we will gladly review any of your life, dental, disability and other group insurance plans you have as well, so that we can make similar recommendations for getting you better coverage at a lower monthly premium.
  • We will also work closely with your accountant and payroll provider to ensure you remain fully compliant with the ACA and all other health- and welfare-related laws, including the highly complex ERISA and COBRA mandates.

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